Published on Oct 10, 2022

Amacom is actively engaged on World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. This day is used worldwide to raise awareness of mental health issues. The day is dedicated to education, awareness and communication. The "International Mental Health Day" has been celebrated since 1992 and over 150 countries participate annually.

World Mental Health Day at Amacom

Amacom values the mental health of its employees and therefore feels it is important to mark this special day today. This year, with World Mental Health Day, Amacom is putting the focus on mental health at work. Thus, we want to learn about how our colleagues can feel better at and about our work.

All Amacom employees therefore received a small gift today to further improve mental health in the workplace. In addition, a fun mutual walking competition has been set up for this week via the 'Ommetje app'. The colleagues who have walked the most kilometers during the week will receive a nice appropriate prize! After all, taking a daily stroll contributes positively to mental health.

Would you also like to work in an environment where a 'happy place to work' is key? Then take a look at our 'Work at' page.

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