Amacom, The Amazing Company offers custom services and reliable complete solutions for retail, e-tail and B2B channels. Amacom provides everything for its partners from A to Z thanks to an excellent logistical infrastructure and the online order and information system Quecom. When it comes down to your request, the sky is the limit! Amacom has its own marketing department, development team, a broad sales team and a customer service that is also available on Saturday.

Specialist in distribution and fulfilment

Amacom buys, sells and distributes, but also offers the possibility to store your own stocks with them, without entry and storage costs. You only pay a fixed percentage of the sales value and pre-arranged transport costs after you have made a sale.

Check out below which core services and added values fit your organisation!

Logo Inbound


Incoming goods will be carefully unloaded, checked and properly processed, so they can be made instantly available for sale.
Logo Packing


For every order we hand pick the proper packaging. Orders will be sent out in a neutral looking, unique, purple packaging or in your own box if desired.
Logo Warehousing


Amacom has over 20.000 sqm of warehousing in multiple central, strategic locations. Thousands of products are securely stored here, ready for distribution.
Logo Shipment


Orders placed before 22:00 will be delivered by Amacom six days a week, within 24 hours, directly to consumers, (web)shops, pick-up points, central warehouses and consumers (dropshipments) including track & trace information.
Logo Inventory management and stock financing

Inventory management and stock financing

A team of experts on purchasing and stock management are available to support your incoming goods on a daily basis. In addition, Quecom, Amacom's self-developed online order and information system, provides real time insight in your stock levels and expected sales activities.
Logo Invoicing


Amacom supports its partners with a care-free financial administration within the logistical process. Amacom provides complete online payment services, from invoicing to processing bank transactions.
Logo IT Integration

IT Integration

Amacom offers the possibility to automate your processes through API and EDI connections. The development team is ready to realise every connection tailor made you wish to have.
Logo Reporting


Full insight from A to Z. Quecom offers real time insight in every detail of the partnerschip at any moment of the day.
Logo Content


Amacom's content team provides relevant content such as product information (EAN, description, stock level, pricing) and product images, videos and AR in Quecom.
Logo Return logistics

Return logistics

Amacom has its own returns department. Return shipments will be checked, registered and correctly processed on a daily basis.
Logo Order processing

Order processing

Placed orders will be automatically passed on to our logistic center where they will be gathered, checked and prepared for shipment.
Logo Customer service

Customer service

At Amacom we highly value personal contact. Our customer service is available six days a week by phone, Whatsapp, chat and e-mail.
Logo Credit insurance

Credit insurance

Amacom is responsible for collecting the invoiced amounts at the participating partners within the set time standards.
Logo Special care delivery

Special care delivery

Amacom's unique purple delivery service gives a boost to the experience concerning the delivery of goods. The professional drivers ensure a flawless delivery and exceptional service far into the store.
Logo Market places

Market places

With the Quecom platform and our team of specialists we offer direct access to many market places, such as, Amazon, Blokker and more.
Logo Same day delivery

Same day delivery

Have your orders delivered to your customer the same day. Amacom offers nation wide coverage for orders placed before 12:00.
Logo Sales support

Sales support

High quality support in the field of sales from Amacom's driven professionals within a large network of A brand e-tail and retail customers.
Logo Loyalty


From online shop with discount for your employees to the development of a full loyalty program for customers.
Logo Marketing support

Marketing support

Full support on marketing communication from Amacom's marketing experts.
Logo Building brands

Building brands

Exclusive sales and marketing support on an European level. Conquer new markets and grow brands with Megami!
Logo Development


Quecom offers endless possibilities regarding online development. Specific data connections, webshops, apps and many more.
Logo Installations


Delivery does not stop at the front door! The trained "purple" drivers ensure that the ordered goods are installed in the right place, provide additional information if necessary and only leave when everything works according to the wishes of the customer.
Logo Consulting


Project-based support from various Amacom experts in the field of logistics and development ensure that complex projects are successful.
Logo Bonus payment management

Bonus payment management

Amacom provides the operational process of several bonus payments for our partners.

Discover the many advantages

Would you like to team-up with Amacom?

  1. Expertise in the field of planning, logistics and distribution
  2. 24/7 access to Quecom
  3. Wide assortment, shaped by many (A-) brands
  4. Strong partner in automation (e.g. API and EDI connections, market places, brand shops and loyalty)
  5. Customer service available six days a week
  6. Own purple delivery service with dedicated drivers
  7. And many more reasons…



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