Published on Aug 31, 2023

Amacom and FC Den Bosch extend long-term partnership 

News article FC Den Bosch - Amacom, The Amazing Company B.V and FC Den Bosch have been going back for a while. That's why we want to take a moment to reflect on a happy fact, namely that the long-term cooperation between the company and the football club was recently followed up with a new partnership agreement! Amacom has been a trusted and valued sponsor for FC Den Bosch for years, which is visible with boarding in De Vliert and on the official home and away kits. This season the Amacom logo is on the sleeve.

The bond between partner and football club is therefore quite a special one. What is perhaps less known is that many Amacom employees are in the stands at FC Den Bosch every two weeks to support the team and that Amacom is actively helping to build the renewed FC Den Bosch!

(Managing Director of FC Den Bosch Tommie van Alphen and Bas Janssen during the signing of the contract in Stadium De Vliert)

Managing Director Bas Janssen on behalf of Amacom: “Since the appointment of the current management, we see a lot of positive energy and passion at FC Den Bosch. The club is working hard to create a top sports climate, an initiative that we warmly welcome and with which we want to identify ourselves as a company. We have seen the fanbase of the club for years as an excellent base to further strengthen our team and we are pleased to see that the club is trying to further develop FC Den Bosch to anchor society. With a sold-out De Vliert tomorrow evening against Jong PSV, we are looking forward to a fun Brabant derby and we are happy to be present in the various stands in Den Bosch to support the team. We also have a nice promotional campaign in store for sponsors and supporters this fall and furthermore we would like to raffle two season tickets among the supporters present tomorrow evening at the first FC Den Bosch goal that is scored!”

(Amacom and Gezamenlijk Voordeel have made various bikes available to the club this year for the new gym in the stadium)

Tommie van Alphen, Managing Director of FC Den Bosch: “Two years ago, Amacom helped FC Den Bosch out when the club was temporarily without a main sponsor. Amacom took on that role and thus gave FC Den Bosch the time and space to find a new partner in a challenging period for the club. This typifies Amacom: always willing to help FC Den Bosch. One of the projects that was worked on this summer is the creation of its own gym in the stadium. Even then, Amacom was immediately at the forefront to contribute, in the form of six bikes, which are already in full use. For further professionalization, we invest a lot of time and energy in improving the top-class sports climate and Amacom thinks and participates with us. For example, about the question: "How can we be as hospitable as possible?" Service provision is something that Amacom excels at and where we still have to take steps. We discuss and brainstorm on these and many other topics to further grow as a club.”

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