Published on May 18, 2020

Amacom in full development

Expansion of logistics capacity and further development of Sales Support department

In the past period, Amacom has discussed extensively internally about the further optimization of services to its customers. These consultations resulted in various action points, including the expansion of our logistics capacity and an upgrade in the services of the sales support department. Because our goal is and remains to further deepen the relationships that we have with our partners more sustainable, we immediately initiated several of these action points. 

Amacom further expands logistics capacity again
The sharply increased additional demand for Amacom's products and services has led to considerable capacity challenges internally recently. As a result, we have worked hard behind the scenes to expand our number of square meters of warehouse space. We are proud to announce that we have just recently hired an extra hall behind our logistics center in Rosmalen. This extra hall will offer us even more possibilities for our partners, is ideally suited for the storage of white goods and cooling products and will contribute to making our logistics processes even more efficient.

Continued development of the Sales Support department
Amacom wants to serve its customers to the best of its ability and has therefore decided to further specialize employees within the Sales Support department in the coming period. In this way, the customer performance can be further improved and partners can be helped even more effectively with questions. We also recently expanded the department to be able to serve our customers at home and abroad more quickly.

Basically not much changes for partners, except that we naturally hope that we will deliver even better customer performance with these internal changes. What they will notice is that a short selection menu can be heard when they call Amacom. Based on the choice made, they end up directly with the right team. The contact details and times of accessibility remain unchanged. Our sales support department is still available for them six days a week!

We would like to let our partners know that, despite the heavy pressure caused by the coronavirus, we are also working on the future and do everything we can to further improve our services. We want to thank them for their confidence!

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