Published on Feb 24, 2022

Amacom, The Amazing Company launches partnership with Multibrackets

Amacom, The Amazing Company recently launched a great new partnership with the Multibrackets brand. The Multibrackets monitor brackets, for both consumers and professionals, are distinguished by their quality and attention to detail. The monitor brackets can be tilted to the desired position and also meet all the quality standards that apply within the EU.

Ergonomically correct working position

Flexible, sleek and streamlined; Multibrackets' monitor brackets create extra space around your workstation and allow for optimal positioning of your screen for increased productivity. You can tilt screens up, down, forward or backward. With these brackets, you can easily adjust screens to the position you want, allowing you to work in a comfortable and ergonomically correct working position while seated or standing.

Beautifully composed range
Amacom, The Amazing Company has launched a beautifully composed range of monitor brackets. If you are already an Amacom partner, you can view the Multibrackets range in our online ordering and information system, Quecom! Do you not yet have access to Quecom and are you not yet a relation of Amacom? Then contact us via our contact form and ask for the possibilities through one of our account managers.

Discover the many advantages

Would you like to team-up with Amacom?

  1. Expertise in the field of planning, logistics and distribution
  2. 24/7 access to Quecom
  3. Wide assortment, shaped by many (A-) brands
  4. Strong partner in automation (e.g. API and EDI connections, market places, brand shops and loyalty)
  5. Customer service available six days a week
  6. Own purple delivery service with dedicated drivers
  7. And many more reasons…



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