Published on Nov 12, 2020

Holidays coming up

Collaboration between Amacom and local catering businesses!

The holidays are approaching! The busiest period of the year starts for Amacom, with Black Friday as the starting point. Every year in the run-up to the holidays, we deploy additional staff for all logistical preparations. We have also recently started working in three shifts, including night shifts.

This year, we will not only deploy our own office staff during the evenings and weekends, but we have also started a collaboration with various local catering businesses. With the temporary closure of the catering industry, we have been able to offer some of their employees shelter in our warehouses during this period. As a result, we have extra hands in a busy time and we support catering entrepreneurs in a difficult period! We are pleased that we have managed to create a great win-win situation with Roels Eten & Drinken, Zoetelief and Côte Bar Bistro. Looking forward to a great collaboration!

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