Published on Nov 12, 2020

Amacom in full development

Amacom expands service offer for the delivery of heavy equipment!

Amacom, The Amazing Company is always looking for ways to expand the service to its customers, in order to serve the customer even better. We recently took another step in expanding our service offering, this time in delivering heavy equipment on site. With the purchase of the StairMobil, our deliverers can deliver heavy appliances, mainly white goods such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and ovens to the right place.

Indispensable tool for safe transport

StairMobil is an indispensable tool for the safe transport of heavy equipment or objects up to 140 kg, up the stairs. The StairMobil can be used on straight as well as on spiral stairs or stairs with a kink to transport these devices or objects up and / or down.

StairMobil consists of a small electric motor unit with a carrying platform mounted on it. Thanks to a unique mechanical movement, the StairMobil climbs up and down almost any staircase without damaging it. Even a loft ladder is not an obstacle anymore. The StairMobil is the only stair climber that can access all types of stairs. By using the StairMobil it is possible to transport heavy equipment with one person and put it in place. This allows us to deploy our deliverers even more efficiently.


Our StairMobil is provided with large pneumatic tire transport wheels, which makes the outdoor transport from the bus to the house or building a light activity. Once inside, these transport wheels are removed and the safety wheels take over the work. In this way, the floor does not get dirty from the wheels that provided the outdoor transport.

Why Amacom uses StairMobil?

Choosing StairMobil was easy. We can serve two purposes with the StairMobil; on the one hand, the expansion of the service offering to our customers, on the other hand, being able to implement this offer in an ergonomic manner. The StairMobil complies with the health and safety regulations for our employees, who have undergone training to work with this device correctly. This prevents our deliverers from getting back problems or from dangerous situations. Besides relieving our customers, the well-being of our employees is of course of great importance!

Will we deliver to your home tomorrow?

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