Published on May 14, 2019

Amacom strengthens its position in Europe through Exertis

Amacom, The Amazing Company and Exertis, a leading British distributor in corporate communication, audio visual tools and network services, have agreed to deepen their existing cooperation even further. As of today, Amacom will internationally join Exertis and the Ireland based parent company DCC, listed at the London Stock Exchange, to which they have sold a majority stake.

The collaboration has already resulted in the addition of a number of attractive brands to the Amacom brand portfolio in the past period. General Manager Dick Engels indicates to be very satisfied with the current cooperation and the upcoming follow-up steps at an European level. “The synergy between Amacom and Exertis enables us to fulfil the ambition of our organisation to create European coverage with these brands. By working together more actively, we are both able to take a more prominent position on the European market. We see this as the right direction within our company's growth vision.''

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